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Ciao Chow!
What's in a name ?

The name is a combination of Ciao Ciao - an Italian greeting and Chow Chow- the breed that the new owner of this company belongs to. Incidentally, both words are pronounced in the same way.

Anita van Adelsbergen MA started her international career in 1993, while still studying towards her MA degree in English and Italian. She is an experienced radio and tv professional, having worked as voice over, sports commentator, presenter and producer. She is also an experienced (conference) interpreter. Anita is native speaker in Dutch, English and German and near- native in Italian. She has good command of French, Spanish, Portuguese, Welsh and Danish.

Anita is a full member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (MCIL) and sworn translator in the Netherlands. She is also Associate member of ITI, UK.

Ciao Chow! is a fully dedicated linguistic service agency and may be hired for:

Voice acting & Singing
Language Coaching
International Conference Assistance
and all other language or voice related duties

CEO Clarence Duke (Chow Chow)
General Manager Anita van Adelsbergen MA


English interpreter English translator Italian interpreter Italian translator German interpreter German translator Dutch interpreter Dutch translator
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